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Big Brother XXIII: Live From Mars



I just read this: BBC Coverage of Mars One Mission


Imagine that!  Looking for volunteers for a one way ticket to Mars to star in a reality TV show!  That’s just brilliant, and mental at the same time.

It’s true.  Here’s the link to the company website: Mars One

Can we really just send people off into space like that these days, with no hope of return?  It is essentially a suicide mission isn’t it?  It’s not like the days of Columbus and Magellan, as the BBC article would suggest; wouldn’t human rights prevail? And say we sent them out there and after a few weeks, the viewing figures dropped.  What then?  Would they be abandoned? Who would pay to send supplies out if the show was a flop?  What laws would cover this?  What laws would cover any actions whilst on the planet?  Would Mars be sponsored by the popular chocolare bar?

I’m proud to say I’ve never watched Big Brother, but I’d watch this!  Assuming the Big Brother model is followed, sending a load of brain-dead celebrity-wannabes to Mars, for ever, sounds like a really good idea.

Mars, 2001, with the southern polar ice cap vi...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obviously there’d be a high attrition rate, as they keep nipping outside to top up their tan, forgetting the high levels of radiation and low levels of breathable air.  It would be fun to watch though.

Perhaps for the celebrity edition of the show they could send the entire cast of The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shores.  Again, I’d be guaranteed to tune in.

And how long before they hit on the idea of sending criminals?  Mars could be the new Australia!

As well as criminals, could we send politicians?  And sports presenters?  And any one associated with Sky News?

Oh, and drivers that think they own the road.

And door to door salesmen, or anyone involved with PPI claims.

And religious nuts.

In fact, sod it, it would be easier if everyone stayed here and I went to Mars alone!

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