Tapes Rolling….

18 Mar



Can you hear me? Are we recording? We are? Ah!



Is there anyone out there?


How do I know if anyone is there?

I don’t?


Ok, here goes.


What to say?

OK, well first off, about this blog thing….it’s probably not going to work out you know. I mean, what do you expect? It’s just random drivvle after all. It’s not like I’ve got anything important to say. Just lots of half-baked ideas and no one to force them on.

So this is just an outlet. A way of spouting crap that nobody really wants to hear. But that’s fine. No one’s going to read it. This is a safe place. I can get it off my chest now. Let it all pour out.

Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow, and all that. Or is this more of a backstreet abortion?

We shall see I suppose.

So what can we expect from this blog?

Expect nothing!  I don’t owe you a thing!

But, IF I do make use of it, there will be some half arsed ideas, some moaning about people in general, and probably me harping on about what good music means.

Nothing original though.  I’m not convinced we can be original any more.  It’s all been said and it’s all been done. I won’t intentionally plagiarise, and will always credit where I’m aware, but let’s face it, if you look long enough I’m sure you’ll find someone who’s said it before.

So that’s it for now.  I should probably have a think about what to put on here.


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